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Jun 10

Hollywood Private Hospital Renovations Results in World Class Medical Care

Hollywood Private Hospital is finalising a five-year refurbishment of its facilities, and NiQ Health are delighted CarePlus™ has played a key part in its delivery of world class medical care.

NiQ Health’s partner ELA, who alongside NiQ shares a long-term, 35-year partnership with Ramsay Healthcare, have installed RTLS solutions, including Mobile Staff Duress and Asset Tracking, with various Nurse Call units in the endoscopy suite. This brand-new suite is featured in an innovative consulting hub, which includes a state-of-the-art cancer centre, 37 new specialist rooms. Some of these services will be opened next month. 

Hollywood Hospital

These solutions are designed to maximise safety procedures and standards, ensuring staff, patients and assets are appropriately cared for with RTLS, 100% room-accurate tracking services. Individual products included CarePlus™ Mobile Staff Duress, Asset Tracking and Mobile Resident Call, which in acute care facilities works as a patient tracking option.
Innovative technology guarantees reduced risk, accelerated emergency response times and improved productivity by simply activating a portable, easy-to-use tag. This robust solution gives Hollywood the confidence staff, patients and their families need to feel supported in day-to-day activities.

For further information on RTLS products, please click here.